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Sanchez Romate Fino Perdido Sherry
Sanchez Romate Fino Perdido Sherry
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Sanchez Romate Fino Perdido Sherry

product code 002043
producer: Sanchez Romate SA
750 cl

Sanchez Romate Fino Perdido 


Grape Variety: Palomina 

Region: Andalucia 

Producer: Sanchez Romate SA

Volume: 75cl 

ABV: 15%


This "Lost Fino" is a rich but dry wine that borders in style on a fino-amontillado and is about 8 years old. Possessing a deep gold colour  and a combination of appley aromoas and the yeasty aromoas of yeasty bread dough. 

Its rich flavour stands up well to many different foods but is especially good when served with shellfish or perhaps tuna stewed with onions. 

Allergens: Contains Sulphites 

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