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Daura Gluten Free Beer 33cl
Daura Gluten Free Beer 33cl
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Daura Gluten Free Beer 33cl

product code 001389
producer: Estrella Damm
330 cl

Daura Gluten Free Beer

  • Producer: Estrella Damm
  • Volume: 33cl
  • ABV: 5.5%

This multi award winning beer is the result of a four year long collaboration between the beer makers and the National Scientific Research Council in Spain. The Daura is Spain’s first beer to guarantee a gluten content below 3ppm (far lower than the required 20ppm). Using a complex process that strips away the gluten protein from its barley malt, “leaving only the ‘real beer’ taste.


Pale straw yellow in colour when poured under a snow white head typical of European Pilsners. Crisp grassy hops, light cereal malts, and a delicate spicy finish, this light and bubbly beer manages to hit all those archetypal lager notes.


Ingredients: Water, barley malt (gluten free), rice, hops.

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