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Sardinas en de Aceite Oliva 3/4 125g
Sardinas en de Aceite Oliva 3/4 125g
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Sardinas en de Aceite Oliva 3/4 125g

product code 001606
producer: Luis escuris
125 gram

Sardinas en Aceite de Oliva 3/4 125g

These sardines (Sardina pilchardus) are from the Galician Rias. They are purchased during July, August and September, when they are best. During these months the sardine accumulates more fat content, which ensure the best taste after they are conserved. The production process is by hand. After a light brine bath, they are roasted and then placed in tins. These sardines are registered under the quality label of "Galicia Calidade" for assured quality (120g net weight).


Ingredients: Sardines (fish), olive oil and salt

Allergens: Sardines (fish)

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