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European Peasant Cookery
European Peasant Cookery
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European Peasant Cookery

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European Peasant cookery

  • Author: Elisabeth Luard
  • Publisher: Grub Street

Elisabeth Luard is an award winning food writer and a leading authority on European food and cooking. Her fifteen years living in Spain provided the experience and inspiration for this book. Her acclaimed writtings are often cited by many of today's leading chefs, as well as home cooks, and are essential to any seriouse cookery book collection.


European Peasant Cookery is a re-release and update of the original book published in the 1980s that Luard took some twenty years to compile. And we are very pleased that she did. We get the overwhelming feeling that what this book does is codify recipes from across many European countries that otherwise may have ceased to be known as new generations turned to fast foods and supermarket ‘convenience‘ packages rather than continue the traditions of their ancestors.


The book is not organised along country lines or the traditional soup, entrée, dessert format. Rather, the recipes are produce-driven with chapters on fish, small game, poultry, pork and so on. There is even a chapter devoted to beef and reindeer and another to fruits, nuts and flowers. Within each chapter the recipes are clearly identified with the country of their origin.

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