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Yes you can!

Yes you can!

posted on 3 April 2018 by admin

Ah tinned seafood, you’d be let off for turning a blind eye. The tag alone conjures up a drab image of a heaving London tube literally “packed in like sardines”, but it’s time to put those doubts to bed.

This month’s new arrivals bare little similarity to that can of tinned sardines you might have regretfully scoffed, tanked at four in the morning back in the day at university. Yup, this is the good stuff. Straight off the boat, into the can; twelve months later it just got mind bendingly more delicious!

Like all good stories, Cantabrian producers Arroyable grew from humble beginnings. Great grandfather Rufino Arroyable would carefully station himself on a plateau nestled in the Bay of Biscay, a thriving stretch of water known as the “wine route” that allowed Ruffino to exchange fresh fish for currency and yes, bottles of wine.

Fast forward to today and the family business has continued its culinary voyage to become one of Spain’s truly artisan producers.  It’s all about quality ingredients, environmentally conscious sourcing and careful packing with a century of know-how. The results? 


It's all about simple tasty food ideal to lay out on your table for guests to pick at with a good glass of vino and a crusty baguette. And that's the thing, this is the kind of simplicity that is synonymous with Spain.  There is nothing to hide behind. It's tasty ingredients, handled with love and expertly packed to make its way to you to enjoy.

Arroyabe Mejillones 120g
Spanish mussels are always a treat. A classic combination of juicy mussels with oil, spices and vinegar to enhance the experience while staying true to the unique flavour of the mussels themselves.

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Arroyabe Berberechos 120g
We have to admit, we‘re mad about cockles.  Simplicity really is king and with cockles this good, who are we to disagree. Cockles, salt and water let these little beauties take centre stage. Perfect in a garlic and onion sauce!

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Arroyabe Sardinilla 120g
It wouldn’t be a Spanish meal without a helping of little sardines, Fish, a splash of olive oil and a dash of salt. Why would they need anything else? A little triumph that’s begging for a good bit of tasty toast!

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