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On location with Enrique Mendoza

On location with Enrique Mendoza

posted on 10 February 2018 by admin

“Our area has always produced wine.” explains Pepé Mendoza’s, the chief winemaker at Enrique Mendoza.  He signals up at the skyline, Serra Gelada, a majestic mountain range just off the inviting waters of the Mediterranean.  “It’s fascinating. They’ve uncovered ancient amphora up there.  We can cultivate wine, almonds, oranges, olives…we have everything.”

Historically speaking, the word Alicante used to be as synonymous with vino as Rioja is now.   Originally it was put on the map by its Fondillón, a semi-sweet vino that had almost vanished up until recently. Indeed, keeping up with the times has been a tough lesson for the D.O. but one worth learning, as a new generation of producers has emerged and started to shake thing ups. 

 It’s more than just winemaking, it’s a philosophy.  It’s a celebration of history but with a healthy dose of modern-day sensibilities.  Up until recently, the bodega has garnered a reputation for producing elegant wines fit for aficionados. That success has allowed them some freedom:  Huge amphora housing peculiar blends (not to be released for another 30 years!), gigantic barrels marked Fondillon and there is plenty more too!. Pepe is a man on a mission...  he wants us to fall in love with Alicante. 

Queue Monastrell:  the D.O.’s misunderstood, thick-skinned, black grape.  Up until recently you’d be hard pushed to find something more than well-intentioned. Lately though, things are changing. Take for instance the bodega’s fabulous La Tremenda, a must try 100% aged monastrell, it's Alicante in a glass and an absolute steal!


Made entirely from mature vines, it is a bright ruby-red, with expressive notes of fresh black cherries, red berries, all mingled with hints of sweet spice, toast and cocoa. It’s accessible, silky smooth, lively and expertly balanced.


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