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New in

New in

posted on 8 January 2018 by admin

We are rapidly running out of superlatives when it comes to Cantabrian distillery Siderit. 2018 has bearly begun and they're already showing no signs of slowing down. Introducing the Siderit's fantastic new cool-tankered-gin, a deliciously floral variation on their critically acclaimed glass distilled range.
Born out of the expertise of its founders, Rubén and David, they’ve set the bar high with sophisticated handcrafted distillations that make use of a unique customized glass distillation column.  Nothing gets in and nothing gets out.  The result? A seductive all natural tint, super-charged flavours and aromas to die for.
Their latest gin takes full advantage of the flavours of the cool tankard flower. Naturally blue in colour, light and breezy, with touches of basil, orange blossom, mint leaf, hibiscus and white pepper. 

Truly sublime!

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