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Linda 100% natural juices

Linda 100% natural juices

posted on 8 January 2018 by admin

Friends Ernesto Miralta and Enrique Llaudet know a thing or two about refrescos.  They’re the talented pair behind Linda, a small Madrid based producer turning heads with their range of delicious all natural fruit juices with a twist.
Taking inspiration from the vibrant street-side juice culture of India, the pair have garnered a loyal following who just can't get enough of the Madrid based producer's unique pairings. 
Brace yourself for their latest offering of tomato & wasabi. Flavour packed tomatoes sourced from Badajoz paired with that famous wasabi bite, it’s simple but it works an absolute treat. 

For all you budding mixologists, why not throw some into your next Bloody Mary for a refreshing new take on that age-old classic...once you've tried it you'll never go back again. 

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