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jamón ibérico

jamón ibérico

posted on 8 December 2017 by admin

A Spanish Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a good of supply jamón ibérico – the sheer thought of it sitting on our tongue, that soft ribbon of acorn-rich fat dissolving into flavoursome bliss, few food experiences have or ever will match it.

Spain’s renowned free roaming black-hoofed-pig thrives in the Dehesa, a lush woodland nestled between Spain and Portugal. It's here you'll find the ibérico pig snuffling on the dusty ground for delicious acorns (bellota) fallen from the trees. 

Our Iberico comes from Extremadura and the Sierra de Huelva which is the most artisanal area of production of Iberico ham in Spain. Hand cured and carved by producers Olmedo, this truly is an an experience not to be missed. 

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