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Introducing Estrecho

Introducing Estrecho

posted on 22 March 2018 by admin


Ay Dios mio!  We’ve seriously run the reserves dry when it comes to superlatives to describe Alicante based winemakers Enrique Mendoza. If like us, you’re already converts thanks to their phenomenally top value La Tremenda, “estrecho” those purse strings a little further and clear plenty of floor space for those jaws to drop. 

Presenting Estrecho, the bodegas blockbuster single estate monastrell. Hailing from their prized “Estrecho” vineyard situated in the village of Villena at 700 meters above sea level. These 70 year plus vines, make the most of their ideal altitude, arid sandy soils and signature Mendoza biologically sound methods to maximise depth and minerality.
Powerful and focussed.  Captivating herbal notes, inviting balsamic, pine and rosemary aromas mingle with a silky-smooth, rich texture before making way for satisfying black and red cherry fruit with a long, fresh finish.

Hats off, this is a remarkable achievement and one that no aficionado should do without this Easter.