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From the land of cheese: Queso Azul Hojas

From the land of cheese: Queso Azul Hojas

posted on 3 May 2018 by admin

Look to the green north of Spain, sandwiched in between Cantabria to the east, Galicia to the west and Castilla y León to the south, you’ll find Asturias, also known as the País de Quesos or ‘Land of Cheeses’, and home to over 100 different varieties. Characterised by lush meadows, dramatic pinnacles and quaint coastal villages, this is the home of producers LACPESA.

Producing cheese since 1910. The uncle and father of the current owners, Máximo Gutiérrez and Joaquín Peña, were the driving forces of this small cheese factory in the town of Sariego in the 40s. Now producing over 20 types of queso, their cheeses make perfect use of the areas famed milk.

Introducing Queso Azul Hojas. A magnificent, mouth-tinglingly-creamy cow’s blue, bursting with flavour & armed with plenty of kick for good measure.   It's everything you could hope from for a blue and works a treat with fresh bread, crackers, steaks, sauces, dips, pasta and fruit.