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Discover Vermouth

Discover Vermouth

posted on 15 November 2017 by admin

This Christmas Vermouth is the hottest ticket in town. Pronounced "ver-mooth" - is basically an aromatised, fortified wine. A refreshing daytime pick-me-up, an evening aperitivo, a post-dinner digestivo all rolled into one. Sure, it tastes fab conjured up into a classic Manhattan or Negroni, but pour neat over ice, sling in an olive and some orange peel for good measure, and smile. A top-notch vermouth is both sweet yet brisk, fresh and floral, fruity and herbal, invigorating and oh so brilliantly moreish!

This month we're proud to introduce award-winning family distillery Padró & Co. They’re from Tarragona, Catalonia, the trailblazing epicentre of Spain’s Vermouth comeback. 

Padro Rojo Amargo
A brilliant two-year barrel aged vermouth. Zesty ripe orange peel, subtle spices and dried fruits. Smooth, with plenty of body, followed by a pleasant bitterness & lovely honeyed caramel. A real must try.

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Padros Blanco Reserva
A zesty white vermouth that uses aged white Mistela, a sweet wine that is kept especially for this vermouth. An elegant, smooth, refined and well-rounded vermouth. Its signature bitterness works wonders with those fresh citrus fruits

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