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Christmas Cheese Board Ideas

Christmas Cheese Board Ideas

posted on 8 December 2017 by admin

There has never been a better time to discover Spanish Queso. With a remarkable abundance of regional specialities, there really is a cheese for everybody. Here’s a quick guide to what we’ll  be tucking into on the cheese front this Christmas

La Peralzola 

A delicious Asturian blue sheep's milk cheese fit for a king. Rich, creamy & beautifully complemented by its nutty and mild blue sharpness. 

La Servilleta Tierno 

Produced in Valencia, these heavenly young goat's cheese is produced using a napkin as a mould for two weeks. Creamy and buttery.


A delicate wash rind goat's cheese made in a family run queseria in the mountains of Extramadura, Spain. Aged for just over a month with a magnificent creaminess. 

El Romero 

Produced in the heart of La Mancha, this hard sheep's cheese is encased in rosemary. Matured for 8 – 10 months, it has a subtle nuttiness balanced with a delightful rosemary flavour.

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