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Beers from Spain

Beers from Spain

posted on 3 May 2018 by admin

 In the summer of 2010, if you’d been keeping a close on the town of Xàtiva, a handsome coastal town positioned on the banks of the River Albaida in Valencia. you’d have discovered friends Sergio Iborra and Rafa Suner taking their first steps as they embarked on their unbelievable craft-beer making adventure. From the outset, attention to detail was at the forefront, German purity laws meticulously followed and native ingredients such as rosemary honey and rosemary, singled out. With a bit of dreaming and a lot of hard work, the young brewery were soon up and running, vending bottle by bottle to local tiendas in the area.

Six years on, things have sure changed!  Brewing under the name PREMIUM BEERS FROM SPAIN, their beers have meteorically shot to stardom and become some of the most recognized in Spain with an annual production of around 650,000 litres per year.

Their cervezas have earnt awards in competitions such as the International Taste & Quality Institute in Belgium, the Dublin Craft Beer Cup in Ireland, the South Beer Cup in South America and the Commonwealth Cup in the US. 


The worlds first beer made with seawater! Er Boquerón glimmers with a welcoming coppery colour and light foam due to the double fermentation process, incidentally, this also creates its fine sparkle. If you're a fan of light, uplifting and slightly bitter beers then this it.


A mighty fine "gastro-ale."  Pours a beautiful golden-amber and hits the nose with lovely rosemary. Rosemary and honey take centre stage in the mouth, supported by delicate pear, apple, and fig. A must try!


Grupo Osbourne from El Puerto de Santa María, they’re the producers behind Spain’s most cherished “Brandy de Jerez”.  It’s their sherry barrels that give this full-bodied craft beer its distinctive flavour.  


This remarkable ale is flavoured with the dried peel of Valencian oranges, orange blossom honey and rosehip. Exceptionally crisp,  refreshing with an undertone of sweetness that makes it way too easy to drink.