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Queso de Cabrales D.O.
Queso de Cabrales D.O.
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Queso de Cabrales D.O.

product code 000003
2.5 kg

Cabrales is a cheese made in the artisan tradition by rural dairy farmers in the north of Spain. This cheese is made from pure unpasteurised cows, goats and sheeps milk blended in the traditional manner, which lends the cheese a stronger, more spicy flavour. All of the milk used in the production of this D.O. Cabrales must come exclusively from herds raised in a small zone of production in Asturias, in the mountains of the Picos de Europa. Intense aromas of ripeness, with touches of volatile. In mouth, melting, doughy, complex balanced flavours, light irritation. Persistent aftertaste supporting balance and agreeable flavour.

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