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Queso de Cabra Aceite de Oliva
Queso de Cabra Aceite de Oliva
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Queso de Cabra Aceite de Oliva

product code 001825
producer: Queserίa la Sίerra Subbética
500 gram

Queso de Cabra en Aceite de Oliva

  • Weight (approx): 210g drained
  • Consistency: Soft
  • Milk: Goat

Strong but creamy Andalusian goat's cheeses matured and preserved in olive oil. These goat's cheeses are delicious eaten as they are but really come into their own when cooked.


Ingredients: goat's milk, rennet, lactic ferments, calcium chloride, salt.

Allergens: goat's milk, lactose

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