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Piparras Agina (Ibabarra Chilli Peppers ) 1/2 gallon
Piparras Agina (Ibabarra Chilli Peppers ) 1/2 gallon
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Piparras Agina (Ibabarra Chilli Peppers ) 1/2 gallon

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producer: Agina
2.27 litre

Piparras (Ibarra Chilli Peppers )1/2 gallon

These Ibarra chilli peppers (Piparras) have the Eusko label which is a Basque quality stamp indicating quality and superior flavour, they are charaterised by their mild and delicate flavour.They are long and thin with a smooth skin and the length ranges from between 5 and 12cm. Try them as a snack with smoked salmon rolled round them or eat them traditionally with the black beans from Tolosa.


Ingrediants: Peppers, vinegar, salt, water,citric acid,ascorbic acid Allergens:

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