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Olmedo Chorizo Iberico Bellota 100g
Olmedo Chorizo Iberico Bellota 100g
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Olmedo Chorizo Iberico Bellota 100g

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producer: Olmedo
100 gram

Olmedo Chorizo Iberico Bellota 100g

This Chorizo Iberico comes from Extremadura and the Sierra de Huelva which is the most artisanal area of production of Iberico ham in Spain. The chorizo is made inside the frame of the traditional 'matanza', where pigs were killed with the arrival of winter, making 'embutidos' and afterwards hanging the jamones for curing.


This is a rich chorizo which has been lightly spiced to best show case the amazing iberico pork it is made from. The full flavour is enhanced by the non-greasy, "meaty" mouthfeel. A real treat, ready sliced.


Ingredients: Pork (Iberico pig), salt, garlic, cayenne pepper, oregano, sugar, lactose, powered milk, dextrose, dextrin, emulsifiers E450I, E450III, E451I, E452, E252II, antioxidants E325, E301, E331III, flavour enhancers E631, E627, preservative E252, natural pork casing.

Allergens: lactose

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