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Frozen Product - Diced Iberico (Iberian Pork) Approx 1kg
Frozen Product - Diced Iberico (Iberian Pork) Approx 1kg
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Frozen Product - Diced Iberico (Iberian Pork) Approx 1kg

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1 kg

Diced Iberico Approx 1kg

1kg bags of diced Iberico meat cut from the leg and shoulder . The main feature that distinguishes Iberico pork from the rest of fresh pork meat is the purity of the breed, allowed to freely move around the extensive wooded pastures called ‘Dehesas’. At least a hectare of healthy Dehesa is needed to raise a single pig. All pigs are fed on a diet of grass and the best acorns from Holm and Cork Oak meadows to provide its distinctive aroma and exquisite taste. 


This product is frozen and delivered overnight but will reach you partly or fully defrosted (1kg approx weight).

Ingredients: Pork

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