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Daytime tapas menu

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Notice: All menus listed are purely samples of the selection of food and drinks that we offer in our restaurants. Menu items and prices are all subject to change, for more details please email or contact the restaurant directly


All our tapas from the kitchen and deli are served with a small portion of bread & olives, items with a * are available as a main course portion for £9.95, see our daily specials menu for more tapas options/desserts & sandwiches

Tapas y Raciones - Available 10-4.30, Monday – Saturday


Tortilla Española

Classic potato & onion omelette served at room temperature with allioli

Piparras rebozadas

Spicy Basque peppers with a bit of a kick, deep fried in a tempura batter

Berenjenas frito con queso de cabra

Deep friend aubergine topped with fresh goats cheese & served with romesco sauce

Pisto Manchego con queso de oveja y huevo

Baked vegetables with matured ewe's cheese shavings and topped with a fried egg



Rabbit, choriza and iberico pork

Lentejas con chorizo£5.50

Lentils cooked with Serrano ham & chorizo

Carrillera ibérica

Iberico pig's cheeks slow cooked with PX sherry and served with garlic mash

Morcilla y huevos

Spanish black pudding with piquillo peppers, mojo picon sauce & fried egg


Pulpo feira£6

Cooked octopus on warm potatoes with olive oil, paprika & Halen Môn sea salt

Merluza con lentejas£6.50

Baked hake served on a lentil, Serrano ham & chorizo stew

Gambas al ajillo 

Atlantic red prawns cooked with garlic butter


Breaded, fried squid served with allioli & lemon

Montadito de salmon ahumado

Smoked salmon on Galician cream cheese with piparras & red onion, served on toasted sourdough bread

Escalivada con anchoa 

Roasted aubergine, pepper & onion on toasted bread with romesco and Atlantic anchovies

Embutidos y Quesos - Available 10 - 4.30

Plato de embutidos

Cured meats served with mixed pickles & torta romero

Plato de quesos£6

Cheeses served with membrillo, torta romero, fig & almond

Plato mixto£6

Cheese & cured meats with torta romero, fig & almond wheel

Boquerones en vinagre£4

Pickled white anchovies marinated in garlic & olive oil

Jamón Serrano£3.50

Slices of air dried Spanish ham

Cecina con queso curado de oveja

Smoked cured beef topped with shavings of aged ewe's cheese & drizzled with olive oil

Para los niños "for the kids"

Serrano ham, manchego cheese, carrot & cucumber sticks, bread & olives

Pan con tomate (with Manchego cheese or Serrano ham)£5.95

Para Picar (or bits to pick at) - Available 10 - 4.30


Selection of olives


Selection of bread from the deli

Picos y allioli

Breadsticks with garlic mayonnaise

Pan con tomate

Toasted bread with tomato, garlic & olive oil


Valencian almonds, fried and salted

Patatas bravas£4

Fried new potatoes served with spicy sauce & allioli