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Visiting Aberystwyth or Narberth? Come visit our ultracomida restaurants. Both are listed in the Good Food Guide 2013/14.

Feeling thirsty? Why not pop in for a coffee with our fair-trade coffee (100% Arabica) from a Spanish/Nicaraguan co-operative gives a rich and balanced espresso or cafe con leche. or try our customers favourite drink - our traditional, thick Spanish drinking chocolate which is excellent for cold winter mornings and as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Feeling hungry? We offer you a range of hot panini with freshly made barra gallegas using produce from the deli, our take on the classic tortilla espanola or take your pick from our extensive tapas range.

ultracomida del dia: We serve a range of specialist tapas which include our deli based options such as charcuterie plate, cheeseboard, plato de la casa. A 2/3 course set menu is available between noon and 2.30 p.m. We also serve some classic bistro dishes available until 4.30.

ultracomida por la noche: We change to a "tapas bar" feel in the evenings in Aberyswyth and serve more authentic sized tapas to go with your favourite wine or beer, open from 5pm-9pm from Tues - Sat.

Make connections at ultracomida: We've brought the Spanish continental atmosphere into our restaurants with our large shared tables and bar space. Designed and built for us by a local carpenter.

Put your party in our hands: ultracomida is open to group bookings any night of the week.

Some nice comments from our customers:

"Thanks to Ultracomida for the best party ever! Beautiful, fresh tapas, the croquetas were fab and as for the paella....LUSH! The staff were incredibly accommodating and friendly. Some lovely wines were chosen and enjoyed, and a great night was had by all."

- Raquel Gonzalez

"We'd planned just to have a quick drink but the tapas menu was irresistible. I had a delicious squid salad and every dish produced for my friends and the people we were sharing a huge table with looked mouth-wateringly fresh and inviting. I wish I'd been more hungry and could have tried more dishes!"

- Tripadvisor review

"This place is always worth a visit, amazing food, amazing wine, and hot chocolate that dreams are made of."

- Tripadvisor review