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bodegas muga wines

Bodegas Muga Of Rioja - creators of fantastic classic Spanish wines

Bodegas Muga is located in the historical Barrio de La Estación (railway station district) in Haro. The facilities (270,000 square foot) are two centuries old, built mainly of stone and oak. In fact, oak is paramount in the winery. There are 200 oak deposits as well as 14,000 barrels, made out of different types of oak ranging from French oak (Allier, Tronçais or Jupilles), American, Hungarian, Russian and even the small consignment of Spanish oak.

Bodegas Muga - The Winery

Bodegas Muga Wines - Winery Video

Cask Ageing

Once the alcoholic fermentation takes place, wine will naturally carry out the secondary fermentation, also called malolactic fermentation. Later on, wines start their ageing, in a large wooden container, which can last from 24 to 36 months, depending on the wine category. Every four months wine has to be moved from the barrels where it has been sitting to new empty barrels. This is called trasiega (racking) and helps clear the wine from the settled sediment or lees that have precipitated during the ageing process. Racking also provides aeration.


Following traditional methods, Bodegas Muga uses oak throughout all the wine-making process (fermentation, ageing and storage). As a matter of fact, Bodegas Muga is one of the very few Spanish wineries that employ three coopers plus a "cubero" (who specializes in the big casks). They are in charge of working with the oak wood that will finally give that unique and personal touch to our wines.

The Vineyard

Bodegas Muga vineyards are located on the foot of the Montes Obarenses, within the area called Rioja Alta. The site climate is exceptional due to, on the one hand, the singular geography and orientation of the vines and on the other hand, the surrounding climates –Mediterranian, Atlantic and Continental climates are combined harmoniously thus creating a suitable climatic site for growing grape. The soil in this area is mostly clay and limestone, divided in small terroirs with different physical and chemical qualities between them; thus each terroir has a unique and defined personality. This abundance of climatic influences and different soils define prolonged stages in the vine growth cycle. The growth will be complex and delicate, key to the potential quality of the wines in this area Bodegas Muga owns 620 acres of vineyards but it also has control over 370 acres owned by vine growers in the area. The grape varieties grown are Tempranillo (the essence), Garnacha (Grenache), Mazuelo (Carignan) and Graciano for the red wines; and Viura and Malvasia are used for the white wines.

Bodegas Muga - the vineyard

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In Muga wines you find both tradition and modernity side by side. They are an exact reflection of very specific climatic and geographic features, and that’s why they have a pronounced personality.

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 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 7% Mazuelo and 3% Graciano


Fermentation with indigenous yeast in oak vats. Aged for 28 months in casks made from oak specially selected from our cooperage. Before bottling the wine is fined with fresh egg whites. Once bottled it will undergo a process of rounding off in the bottle for twelve months in our cellars.


After five years gestation, this wine is beginning to reveal its character in the shape of its organoleptic complexity. Its level of integration is such that it makes it hard to give an exact definition and the taster needs to make an extra effort in the use of the senses.

Against a background of red berries, jammy fruit and liqueur fruits, spices such as cloves, black pepper or vanilla pods come through. At the same time, neither above nor below, you can detect leather, smoked and toasted wood and animal nuances. It is a wine without end.

With no sharp edges, on the palate it is silky, friendly and overflowing with harmony. The aftertaste, eternally long, finally ends with reminders of candies which interweave, in the retronasal phase, with the full range of the spices detected on the nose.

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80% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano.


Chalky-clay and alluvial.


The grapes used for making Prado Enea, along with those for Torre Muga, are always the last ones to be brought into the winery. This late picking ensures ideal ripening. The grapes are then fermented naturally in 10,000-kilo oak vats with no temperature control or added yeasts. The maceration time can vary and may go on for up to twenty days. This wine is aged in 16,000-litre capacity oak vats for twelve months and then (minimum) thirty-six months in oak casks and (minimum) thirty-six months in the bottle. After cask-ageing the wine is gently fined using fresh egg whites.


We achieved a better than normal point of ripeness which was then reflected in the presence of riper fruit aromas and the almost complete disappearance of the floral character which is so characteristic of this wine.

The climate conditions during the year were harsh and sharply contrasting, immediately reflected in the wine, as you would expect, in the shape of sharp tannins.

After nearly seven long years of polishing and smoothing, these have been perfectly integrated, allowing us to discover a wide range of spicy nuances, lightly superimposed on the fruit and flanked by fine, very fresh leather aromas.

In this phase of the tasting what most surprises you is how the wine takes over the whole mouth from the initial attack until a few minutes after the finish.

The aftertaste and retronasal phase initially transmit even, dominant notes of tobacco which fade to give way to spices such as cloves and black pepper.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the evolution of this wine is storing up some fantastic sensations for us to enjoy in the future.

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75% Tempranillo, 15% Mazuelo and 10% Graciano.


Clay/Calcareous and Alluvial.


This wine is aged for 6 months in wooden vats, 18 months in new French oak barrels and at least 12 months in bottle.


Wine with a powerful chromatic range going from deep purple to bright red in the rings around the rim. Seductive nose, with elegant aromas of preserves and patisserie over a spicy layer with hints of cinnamon, caramel, cocoa, dill and hay. A silky mouth-feel, with especially sweet tannins, and in the retro-olfaction phase the highly complex nuances of dried herbs and scrubland nuances come to the fore.

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Tasting notes

The first impression in the glass is of practically no oxidation, with bright yellow-green hues. The foam is dense and persistent, providing an inkling of its structure in the mouth. Looking at the centre of the glass we can see a uniform line of microscopic bubbles rising to the surface. The nose is dominated by tangy fruit and floral aromas. In the background we find fermentative notes from the wine´s transformation in the bottle (honey, vanilla, liqueur). Honeyed yet fresh in the mouth, thanks to its significant acidity. The combination of fruit, acidity and fine lees results in a surprising sensation of fullness that invites one to continue tasting it. The fruity notes return in the aftertaste, with predominant spices that, for several seconds, leave a very pleasant memory.


The vineyards are located at a high altitude in the same area as the Prado Enea vineyards. However, the cava vineyards are located on slopes facing north, to protect the plants in the summer from excessive heat that could alter the delicate varietal aromas required by cavas. The grapes are harvested towards the third week in September; about fifteen days before those used to make white wines. Harvest is carried out in 15 kilo boxes to protect the berries' integrity. After passing through the selector conveyor, the clusters are taken to the press. Pressing is the most delicate moment, as the quality must be maintained at all costs. Only the must drawn from the lightest pressing is used to make this cava.

The grape varieties used are Viura (90%) and Malvasía (10%).


The musts undergo their first fermentation in 1,000 litre wood vats, where the wine is left until the end of April. The second fermentation is induced in the bottle. The bottles are then kept in lattes for a further 14 months.


The cava is excellent for drinking straight away; in addition, the characteristics of the grapes provide it with great ageing potential.

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Buy Muga Aro 2006

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70% Tempranillo y 30% Graciano.


This wine is aged for 6 months in wooden vats, 18 months in new French oak barrels and at least 12 months in bottle.


Black-cherry colour with dark garnet hues at the edge.

On the nose it reflects the perfect ripeness of its grapes and the elegance of its wood, with first fine spicy aromas coming to the fore and then jammy dark-berried fruit, as well as balsamic and mineral nuances. Profound on the palate, lively yet silky smooth tannins, full of flavour, supple and long in the finish.