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We love gin!

We love gin!

posted on 21 March 2017 by admin

In 1831, when D. Paul Pomes & with D. Manuel Acha opened the doors to their modest workshop of spirits in pre-industrial Bilbao, little did they know that it would grow to become the oldest distillery in Spain, and the third longest surviving family spirits producer in Europe. Introducing Basque producers Distilleria Acha, one of Europe’s truly remarkable family businesses and our newest range of Basque gins.


1831 builds on a base of grain alcohol with classic juniper, aromatic herbs and spices which are macerated and distilled five times in 130 year old copper stills. The final addition of mineral water from the Nervion River paves the way for a brilliant a classic cut. Delicate, nuanced and best enjoyed in a balloon type glass with ice and tonic.

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K-25 is delicate gin with crisp citrus and bitter sweet notes of orange, lemon & mandarin complimented by subtle floral notes and spices. This remarkably balanced gin results from triple distillation of grain, and eleven further distillations of  botanicals in copper stills dated over a hundred and fifty years old. Sublime stuff that's well worth having in your drink cupboard.

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