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Our May Wine Room Promo Starting Today

Our May Wine Room Promo Starting Today

posted on 5 May 2016 by admin

Go Galicia! With your jaw dropping coastlines, lush green forests and sky-high peaks… you’re pretty marvellous really. With waters brimming with a kaleidoscope of sought after fish and seafood,  it goes without saying, Galicia has some out of this world wines to match. And what better way to settle your tummies after a top notch meal than a traditional Galician digestif? This May's Wine Room Promo: 6 top notch bottles courtesy of the seafood capital of Spain with 25% off while stocks last.

1. Click to go to Valtea Albariño

2. Click to go to Pazo Mariñan

3. Click to go to Quinta Das Tapias

4. Click to go to Pazo Orujo de Galicia

5. Click to go to Pazo Licor de Hierbas

6. Click to go to Pazo Licor de Cafe.


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