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New Beers by Cerveza La Virgen

New Beers by Cerveza La Virgen

posted on 27 October 2016 by admin

It’s safe to say, Spain’s craft beer industry is literally exploding with new emergent talent.  This month we welcome environmentally friendly, Madrid based micro-brewery, Cervezas La Virgen and their delicious “no gimmicks and unhurried” Madrid beers.  

Made using all natural ingredients, this is a totally unfiltered affair minus any unwanted additives. Both offerings are 100% unpasteurized meaning they contain yeast with all its benefits: vitamin B, amino acids & minerals. 


Their flagship Madrid Lager is a Helles style cerveza that ticks all the right boxes.  With an enticing straw-colour, it is well balanced, refreshing with a subtle  bitterness, making expert use of  a combination of six different malts and hops. 

Their 2nd offering Jamonera boasts charming toasted flavours, hints of caramelized malts and a creamy compact foam.  It's a sublime effort that goes down a treat with a few slices of quality Jamon.

Two fantastic beers packed full of that unmistakable Madrid charm.

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