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Interview with the producers: Siderit Gins

Interview with the producers: Siderit Gins

posted on 5 May 2016 by admin

Could you tell us a little about more about Cantabria? 

Cantabria is a small region in the North of Spain surrounded by the Cantabrian Sea and the Cordillera Cantabrica mountains. It has an Oceanic climate with plentiful rains, which results in an exuberant vegetation and breathtaking landscapes. The mountains and the sea are so close that in winter you can ski and surf in the same day. The fisheries and ranching have an excellent reputation so does the gastronomy, highlighting anchovies, meat, milk and derivatives like cheese. Its habitants are known for having a strong character, during the romans invasion Augustus Caesar came himself to lead the army due to the big resistance the small region was conducting.

What makes your gin unique?

Our distillation process. We use 100% glass distillers with fractioned reflux columns designed by ourselves, this assures maximum purity, and intensifies the distillations. On the other hand we use Rock Tea among the botanicals, a local herb that only grows in the mountains of our region. No other Gin in the world uses this herb that gives our Gin an extraordinary long aftertaste. Also highlight that we use rye alcohol as base and all the botanicals come from organic growings. 

Your Dry Gin was a big stand out, would you describe it?

We are a young company born 2.5 years ago and in this short period of time we have won several international prizes like Gold Medal for the Vodka at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014 or Best Gin Tonic at London IWSC 2015 for the classic Gin. Behind that there is a lot of work, a lot of kilometers to our back for promotion, a lot of people to thank...but particularly a lot of passion. We love what we do and that is the final key for our products success.

How would you describe Siderit Hibiscus Gin?

Hibiscus or Jamaica flower has been used since inmemorial times to elaborate a drink with multiple medicinal properties in such distant places as Asia, Africa or the Caribbean. Gin Siderit hibiscus Gin is a London Dry Gin with floral aromatics. Its main feature is the floral character arising from a double maceration and a triple distillation in a fractional distillation column with reflux, in a complete glass equipment that eliminates tastes and odors.

Your favourite way of serving them?

For the classic Gin there are several ways to serve it since it is a neutral Gin but we recommend our perfect serve:

- 5cl of Gin Siderit
- 20cl of neutral premium tonic
- Orange twist, cinnamon stick and 3 juniper berries

For the Hibiscus Gin we recommend:

- 5cl of Siderit Hibiscus Gin
- 20cl of tonic (Schweppes Hibiscus tonic or Fever Tree elderflower tonic)
- orange twist

A final message for our readers?

Do not settle with just any Gin. ConSiderit.

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