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Interview with the producers: SANTAMANIA

Interview with the producers: SANTAMANIA

posted on 5 May 2016 by admin

There’s a lot of gin producers out there, what makes you stand out?

There is a boom of handcrafted gins.  It is important to wonder how far or how short does the  handcraft process go…. Without using distillation in a proper still there will never be a proper London Dry Style gin. Without 100% natural ingredients, 0% artificial essences and aromas, there will not be real great quality. We praise ourselves to make the real thing. After that,  it is consumer decision and taste. 

Tell us a little more about the Lola y Vera? 

Lola & Vera is also a London Dry Style Gin , made following the regulations for alcohol, and distillation processes for this type of gin. We use in this case, wheat alcohol, while the SANTAMANIA RESERVA uses grape alcohol. This makes a big difference.  For L&V we use among others, anisette, apple and sunflowers seeds what makes a very particular gin. We recommend to add one or two apple slices to the Gin tonic to increase and supplement the gin aroma. 

The Santamania Reserva is a bit special eh? 

Reserva is truly a  result of trying new things.  It spends around one month in one of our four casks where it acquires that nice colour and some notes of vanilla.  Aromas of lime and orange peel produces a real nice touch combined with the oak. 

A small message for our readers?

Markets tell us everything is authentic and hand made. Think twice if a bottle of gin, is present everywhere with an economical price, has ever seen a lemon or a real juniper? The figures just do not match.  We make things for passion. Aristotles said something like: “ if articles are created to make money, then these will tend to be of the least possible quality, or at least the least possiblequality customers would still buy"

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