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Interview: Ultracomida's new Curado Bar coming to Cardiff this Autumn

Interview: Ultracomida's new Curado Bar coming to Cardiff this Autumn

posted on 21 July 2016 by admin

Curado Bar builds on your award winning Spanish deli/cantina formula.   What can we expect from the new location?

"We aim to bring together the brilliance of artisan Spanish food and wine with the informal bustle & flair of the Basque country pintxos bar culture.  We have some great products to bring to Cardiff, having spent the last two years visiting producers, winemakers and trialling new products in our Ultracomida stores and learning new skills, such as Jamon carving! We can't wait to unleash Curado onto the capital, it's going to enrich an already thriving food scene. As well as our food, the quality of our drinks offering is going to really set us apart, great wine from all over Spain, artisan gins, sherry's (we now stock the only organic manzanilla) craft beers from Valencia & of course Basque cider!"

Why such a focus on the north of Spain?

"The vibrancy of the region is infectious, and the quality of the produce is inspiring, having enjoyed so much the bars in places like Logroño & A  Coruña, we couldn't help but feel that Wales would embrace this type of food and drink experience whole heartedly! Also geographically the North of Spain has a number of similarities with Wales especially the Celtic Galicia, so maybe we just feel at home there too"

How do you continue to scout out such good ingredients?

"From the very beginning with Ultracomida, we acknowledged that quality was crucial, in establishing a customer base that would be inspired to return time and time again. This involves always evaluating what is available, how our current stock is performing, visiting Spain and crucially listening to our customers. Spain has so much to offer, we continue to meet such great people and producers, it's like we are just scratching the surface of what is out there!" 

When are you expecting to be up and running?

"There is a lot of work to still do, however we are hopeful for an Autumn opening, you can follow updates on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

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