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Gazpacho Soup Day

Gazpacho Soup Day

posted on 5 May 2016 by admin

It’s not surprising Britain greeted chilled soups with trepidation. Who could blame us?  Weather in mind, thermos flasks, piping hot broth and a buttered loaf were all just the ticket! These days though, with the tapas revolution undeniably in full swing, we’ve warmed to the virtues of Spain’s favourite, liquid lunch.

And here’s the thing, the tomatoey-good-stuff is not just for the summer; gazpacho makes for a light healthy snack all year round.  It couldn’t be any simpler thanks to producer HIDA (Murcia) and their new Andalucian Gazpacho. Using all natural ingredients - tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar, garlic and spices - this tasty gazpacho is packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibres.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that is thought to provide beneficial protection high blood pressure. In addition, research suggests that consuming an assortment of antioxidants in combination may improve cardiovascular health and may even have anti-ageing effects. In gazpacho, besides the lycopene, vitamin C and other antioxidants in the tomatoes, you also get a hearty dose of disease-fighting phytochemicals from the bell pepper, garlic and onions.

Well worth it

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