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Cabrales: Spain's iconic blue

Cabrales: Spain's iconic blue

posted on 21 March 2017 by admin

Mouth meltingly rich, tongue tinglingly piquant & bursting with flavour, you haven’t really tried blue cheese until you’ve encountered the bracing charm of Cabrales, the Asturian classic. This is as artisan as it gets: unpasteurised cows, goats and sheep’s milk (skilfully blended to obtain that famous spicy tang) gathered exclusively from native herds raised in the foothills of the rich pastures of the Picos de Europa Mountains.

2-5 months of ripening in local caves, a trick passed down from generation to generation, allows for the perfect humidity to boost the natural growth of penicillin which gives Cabrales its distinguishing greeny-blue patches and veins.

The result? A thrilling flavour detonation of nuts, spice, saltiness and acidity that make Cabrales one of the truly iconic cheeses in the world.

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